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"Valtrompia Technic"s.r.l. is a young dynamic company, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of hydro/thermal/sanitary articles under a registered trade mark VALTEC. The flexibility and the enterprising of the company allow to keep in step with the most advanced technological achievements, in order to satisfy the most diverse needs of a market in continuous development. Always paying much attention to the marketing "Valtrompia Technic"s.r.l. is able to provide you with a quality product at the good price.

"Valtrompia Technic"s.r.l controls row material and components, provides multiple tests during all the stages of production, including the control of the measuring instruments and tools.

Be sure, VALTEC trade mark guarantees a high quality and maximum reliability.


NOVA FLORIDA has a thirty years history of success in heating industry, and since year 1992 NOVA FLORIDA became a part of Fondital Group, specializing in manufacture of aluminium radiators and other heating equipment. Company’s success is based on up-to-date high-tech manufacturing equipment, that is used to produce a complete range of heating system – die-cast aluminium alloy radiators, decorative radiators, wide range of gas fan heaters, wall-mounted and floor-standing gas and fuel oil fired boilers. NOVA FLORIDA is one of the first factories in Italy to produce heating equipment with high durability and reliability, according to special demands of Russian market.


ENOLGAS, founded in year 1960, is now widely recognized as the premier manufacturer of valves and fittings. Due to unrivalled quality and reliability, the company products have gained a reputation in Italian and international markets. Owing to cooperation with reputed industrial groups, providing services to Italian industrial system and exporting 55% of own products into 60 countries worldwide, ENOLGAS keeps expanding its presence in the International markets. The ideology, history and incontestable authority among Italian and other manufacturers from all around the World define ENOLGAS products as most durable and reliable of the kind. The owner of the Company Sandro Bonomi is also a president of Italian Q AVR mark committee surely Made in Italy. .


RBM Company was founded in 1956. Mere ten years of successful work in heating and water-supply market, RBM has already become a symbol of quality and high efficiency. Today RBM is a leading manufacturer of heating and water-system components.


Dizayn Group was founded in 1987 with the objective of developing and carrying out projects in heating and plumbing sectors. Today, Dizayn Group,produces high pressure pipes in 12 mm up to 1600 mm diameter and low pressure pipes in 50 mm up to 3600 mm diameter . More than 4 thousand types of producvts are produced using 23 separate complete systems.

Dizayn Group owns international quality certificates, some of them are; SGS ISO 9001 (UK),DVGW (Germany), Hygiene Institute (Germany), KIWA (Netherlands), QAS (Australia) and AENOR (Spain).

No doubt, that these certificates are concrete indicators of Dizayn Groups respect to consumers.

Dizayn Group is developing special projects for its specific products and has been carried out national and international giant projects with its own patented technological solutions .

One of the best example is the Nile River Crossing Project where people in Sudan meet their water needs.

UNESCO admired this Project and in 2003 awarded Dizayn Group with the great prize at the Water Symposium in France. Dizayn Group products were preffered at the Dubai Palm Island Project which is one of the top 3 most prestigious project in the world.


Italian Company CIMM, founded in year 1968, is nowadays produces more than five hundred kinds of membrane expansion tanks with variety of volumes from 0,165 up to 500 liters.

The Company slogan: "Professionalism, reliability and flexibility" is corroborated by guaranteed high quality products, elaborately designed and manufactured using advanced technologies and materials. CIMM tanks allow solving appropriate engineering tasks.


SILMET – one of the biggest copper pipe manufacturing companies in Italy produces a wide range of high quality plumbing equipment. The Company uses a unique technology of reducing carbon level and covering internal surface with special oxide layer, that protects the pipe against corrosion, acid and alkaline environment influence, dissolved oxygen, sulphates and chlorine ions.


BRANDONI – in last years earned its leading position in manufacturing industrial valves. There are more than 100 000 valves produced each year under precise control at all stages of manufacture. BRANDONI valves are widely applied in heating, water-supply, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and also in food industry. Valves made by BRANDONI guarantees high reliability, economy and easy operation. Wide assortment of equipment can satisfy the needs of most exacting clients. There are flanged butterfly valves and check valves, reticular filters, flanged ball valves, compensators etc.


Russian consumers know BUDERUS as one of most reliable and prestigious manufacturers of heating equipment. One may ask – what is the difference between BUDERUS products and many other heating components of many other manufacturers?

BUDERUS production is a modular concept of creating individual solutions for clients’ appropriate goals. For example, even within one range it is possible for client to choose a boiler of required power.


KM Europa Metal AG (KME) Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of semi-finished copper and copper alloy products. A product range of KM Europa Metal AG (KME) demonstrates the value and wide possibilities of usage such a material as copper. KME Group offers an extensive range of products, which are used in a great variety of fields. High quality of KME products is well known all over the world; many years ago KME quality system was certified in ISO 9000.


OTERACCORDI products mean quality, style and traditions. Nevertheless, not only those features create the image of the Company. What distinguishes OTER from others is its high tech products and exclusive business philosophy. OTERACCORDI Company manufactures wide range of fixtures and fittings, among them are radiator fixtures, sections, anchors, stainless steel fittings, flanges, bathroom fixtures, clamps of different sizes, etc.

"European quality at competitive prices" – that is OTERACCORDI slogan.

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Наша компания является членом Российской ассоциации инженеров по отоплению, вентиляции и кондиционированию воздуха (АВОК), а так же соучредителями Журнала "Инженерные системы" (Санкт-Петербургское отд. АВОК)

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